More than just a Mail (B D T)

With Blockchain Technology for Highly secure Document Transfer

What is iHawk platform ?

The iHawk provides you with a Highly Secure way to upload and transfer documents using the Blockchain Technology in the form of a mail process which is very fast and reliable!

iHawk Benefits Overview


Access a complete document audit trail anytime and anywhere.


Transfer documents with blockchain in seconds, instead of weeks needed for paper delivery.


Documents can't be stolen, intercepted, modified, lost, or hacked.

User Friendly

Simple to use - just like using email - with short on-boarding times, and simplified workflows.


The Ethereum public blockchain is the world’s most trusted tool for transferring, recording, and declaring ownership.


All relevant parties can always see which account is the current holder of the document.

Problems solved

  • Documents that is printed out on papers needs to be sent Via Express Delivery Companies which is Time and Money consuming

  • It takes ages to receive a document in a conventional way as each Document (B/L) travels with at least 3 carrier services and is in transit from 5-10 Days

  • The Original Document can get lost or even Stolen because of that additional costs arise such as late arrival and in some cases total factory downtime.

What is Blockchain ?

Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.

Blockchain is a very-known term, which was used for the first time where Satoshi Nakamoto described Bitcoin in 2008. Bitcoin is the best-known implementation of blockchain, and it is basically the implementation of a cryptocurrency. However, blockchain is much more than that, being seen as the service and structure behind cryptocurrencies to maintain records for currency transactions between untrusted participants.



iHwak Platform Features :

  • Manage blockchain to send and receive mails.
Direct communication with another party without anyone in the middle. Truly secure
  • Different types of documents
A one-stop-shop for the tamper-proof transfer of document ownership.
  • Custom attachments
Any transfer envelope can include any custom attachment – an invoice, receipt, warranty, or similar. You can also add or remove them in the process.
  • Destroy (rescind) the document
Issuers may destroy documents, but only when said documents are in their possession. Document destruction is recorded on the blockchain.
  • A token-based system ensures there are always enough nodes providing their services to the network (Hard Token/ Soft Key )
Your private key (Hard Token/ Soft Key ) will grant permission and access to your account
  • Centralized servers to deliver files and data using IPFS
Using hash addresses distributed across multiple nodes means the content is immutable yet permanently available. It doesn’t matter if a single node goes down because other nodes may instantly deliver a duplicate.
  • In-platform messaging
Communicate your instructions about specific documents to your partners within the iHawk .

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