What is SOC as a Service ?

SOC as a service (Managed SOC) is specifically suitable for organizations that want to have an in-depth understanding of what is happening within their network, both on premise and in the cloud, to be able to respond immediately to possible threats.

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is the team within an organization responsible for detecting, preventing, investigating, and responding to cyber threats. A SOC should perform round-the-clock monitoring of an organization’s network and address potential threats to sensitive data, computing systems, and an organization’s other digital resources.

Challenges of SOC as a Service

Some challenges that organizations opting for managed SOC services commonly encounter include:

Onboarding Process

Managed SOC providers typically have their own security stack that they use, and these solutions must be deployed and configured within a customer’s environment before the provider can start offering services. This onboarding process can be time-consuming and may leave an organization vulnerable to cyber threats during the transition.

Enterprise Data Security

An organization’s SOC-as-a-Service provider needs deep insight into an organization’s network in order to identify and respond to potential threats. Achieving this insight requires the organization to send large amounts of sensitive data to their service provider. This need to hand over control of a large amount of potentially sensitive information can make enterprise data security and risk management more challenging.

Cost of Log Delivery

SOC-as-a-Service providers commonly operate their cybersecurity solutions on-site using data feeds and network taps from their customers’ networks. This means that log files and other alert data are generated and stored on the provider’s network and systems. Gaining access to full log data from a managed SOC provider can be expensive for an organization.

Regulatory Considerations

The regulatory landscape is rapidly growing more complex, and organizations need to put into place security controls and policies to achieve and demonstrate compliance with regulations. While a managed SOC provider may offer support for regulatory compliance, the use of a third-party provider may complicate regulatory compliance requirements and requires trust in a service provider to fulfill their compliance-related duties.

Why SOC as a Service?


Immediately operational

Via Previder we are able to connect cloud customers immediately to our SOC, leveraging the benefits of a continuously insight into the activities within your total IT infrastructure.


With our SOC as a Service you can benefit from our cybersecurity experts to design and deliver extraordinary high-tech cybersecurity solutions.

High level security

Our SOC is designed to create a very high security level for organizations. The SOC is even suitable for ABDO environments (General Security Requirements for Defence Orders). Via the SOC-as-a-Service we offer various security models, from a low entry model to a full service SOC.

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