Video Relay Services

SignCom is a service provider with products allowing deaf people anywhere in the world to communicate with anyone, at any time, using an app which connects them to a sign language interpreter. The interpreters support dialogue between deaf and hearing impaired individuals and businesses, government organizations and third parties,  empowering the deaf community to communicate with their family, friends, and business contacts using Video Relay Service.

In addition to supporting people with hearing disabilities to be engaged in the community as well as achieving justice in opportunities, rights, accessibility, and employment.

SignCom video relay services are beneficial to deaf individuals, because it allows immediate communication access between the deaf and their community. Especially, if institutions are having difficulty finding interpreters or needs immediate interpreting. This is extremely helpful when clarification is needed or questions need to be asked amidst a relatively one sided conversation. The ability to communicate rapidly via Video Relay Services (VRS) also comes as a benefit.

Web Browser

SignCom Solution can be used by any web browser including “Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer”.


SignCom Solution can be used by any tablet with android or IOS operating system.