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Whether you’re a company owner or a resident in a gated community, Secure Gate is the ultimate solution that guarantees you a secure & safe environment. It is a SECURE, convenient, and FAST way for residents and guests to gain secure ACCESS to gated communities via ENCRYPTED QR codes through smartphones.


Security in gated communities have always been depending on security guards, and the time they spend in communicating visitor details with the residents. Even after all this, there is no visibility into the movement of visitors inside and outside the community.secure gate


Secure Gate application resolves all these problems by creating a unique and secure QR code through smartphones. The application helps with identifying the residents and verifying visitor information, which helps in monitoring visits and preventing intruders.

Because we care, we are security aware

Now you can control the environment surrounding you, by using Secure Gate you can monitor who enters/leaves your building or gated community to prevent any suspicious activities.

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