Identity and Access Security

Online transactions are an essential part of today’s livelihood that rapidly enter new fields and applications.

Our daily life has become interlaced with fast-evolving technology from e-government to e-commerce and more. This growth has not spared the corporate world, but it frequently targets it specifically. For example, remotely accessing an enterprise’s resources or financial transactions cause threats to individual users and organizations. Consequently, the need for secure and reliable web access has become very important. ISEC provides a solution to make web access more secure and fend off credentials hacking. Our Solution includes two alternatives, which are PKI Based Secure Web Access and OTP Based Secure Web Access.

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Habitually we are used to saving usernames and passwords on websites for easy access later, which are automatically cached into the web browser. That simple habit causes dangerous consequences. One of which, it makes it easy for unethical hackers to attack the web browser and access our credentials. Also, how any other person using the same machine later can access these credentials as well.

PKI Secure Web Access

This solution provides a hardware authentication technique for web sites and web applications. ISEC uses “Smart Token” to store user certificates that act as user credentials later to access websites.

OTP Secure Web Access

OTP RADIUS system provides a solution for user authentication. It uses the One Time Password “OTP” method with the back-end at the server-side. Therefore, allowing the user to manage authentication through one click/touch.