Portable Mini-Lab for COVID-19 Express Diagnostics

POINT OF CARE | Fast & Accurate COVID-19 Genetic Testing

The portable mini lab is designed to quickly detect SARS-CoV-2 RNA presence in biological material by using real-time isothermal amplification from nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs and sputum.

Test time – 30 minutes, including pretreatment procedure (3 minutes/sample) and the isothermal amplification reaction (not more than 25 minutes).

Average laboratory on-the-flow capacity is 20 samples/hour. Sensitivity – from 100 particles.

SmartAmp Unique Propriety technology of Isothermal PCR

  • Isothermal PCR (single temperature reaction).

  • High reaction rate (10 to 30 min).

  • Own patents and reagent component production, including  agents, polymerase and reagents for sample preparation.

  • High sensitivity and specificity (detection limit – 1,000 CFU per  swab).

  • Minimum number of steps (amplification = result).

  • Background noise is much lower than that of TaqMan, especially after storage.


1 patient to result – 30 min (100 copies)
20 patients in hour by 1 PT-devices and 1 analyzers